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California West Bow Arm Chair, Traditional Bow Arm Chair both in leather

 Lori & Tim wrote:  I  have long admired Brian's chairs every year at the Arts Partnership auction.  Finally we bought two, they are the center pieces of our living room.  They are our living works of art.  I sit in one chair and just rest, reflecting on the week and the good life I have.  Then I begin staring at the other chair and admire the lines of the wood, and the simple lines of the chair.  Great art can keep your attention for a good while.  After a time, I have to get up and change chairs so I can admire the other chair.  It is different, has different wood, different lines, and tells a different story. 

These chairs offer a beautiful place to come, rest, contemplate, converse, read and just be at peace, because of the mastery of the craftsman in honing a classic piece of art.  Thank you Brian!