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A Legacy To Be Shared

Dave & Cheri Chandler:

Overall, such a positive experience and will leave a legacy within our home and our children’s homes. Brian was so helpful with decision making for features we were unfamiliar with, and incredibly accommodating with custom dimensions and ideas. Our purchases include a very large curio cabinet.  It features glass doors and sides (such a good feature), custom shelving, drawers, and hardware. It is such a delight to view our home treasures in such a beautiful piece. There is a matching sideboard which includes glass doors, lighting (making the heirloom silver look so sparkling), several drawers, and hardware. These two pieces have been in our home for the past year and make the room impressive and welcoming. Our other pieces are a matching Murphy chair and couch. We fell in love with the style at the Natural History museum that he did and couldn't wait to make it part of our home. The pieces feature stately leather upholstery, delicate wood inlays, and strong features. I have happily read many books from the chair. Thank you for bringing our home such grace and style Brian!