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Christmas 2020

Murphys Fine Woodworking

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Murphys Fine Woodworking

Dear Andrew

Covid-19 has impacted all our lives and has had a terrible impact on all business. We have slowed down just a bit, but business is still strong. We would like to take this time to express our profound thanks to all of our customers through the years.  I keep a diary of every major piece that I have made through the years. It totals almost 300!  Plus there are almost 100 Chairs.

christmas cresche

This is the Murphy Manger. The first year that we were married my folks gave us the manger pieces that were made in Germany. No Manger, no tools, so I borrowed a jig saw. That was when apples and oranges were shipped in wooden crates. I found a crate behind a grocery store and alas my first wood working project was created! Comes out every year and graces our fireplace.

Then there is the Christmas Box. I forget how many of these we made - at least 20 for family and friends. But it has 2 amazing books in it. The first is The Christmas Box, by Richard Paul Evans. First published in 1993 by Simon & Schuster and should be in everyone’s collection. Then our daughter Lisa said Dad you need to include A Christmas Story, written by Jean Shepherd and made into the great hilarious movie that we watch every year! The Boxes are made of quilted, curly Australian wood, red oak and black walnut and are loved by all that recieved them.

christmas box

Through the years I have loved making Chairs! As a woodworker they are one of the most difficult pieces of furniture to make and have them look great, fit well, last, not fall apart, and can be passed on to others. We have produced over 70 chairs and I have taught at American Sycamore Woodworking School in Indianapolis building another 25/30 chairs in a classroom session. We produce 4 styles of Morris Chairs which are truly American Classics: These include our California West Greene & Greene Chair, our Traditional Spindle Arm Chair, our award-winning Bow Arm Chair, and the California West Bow Arm Chair.

Because of Covid-19, the WOOD A Furniture Show XII, at the Escondido Arts Partnership has been cancelled. The chair that we were building for that show is now available for Sale.. It is the California West Green & Green Chair in curly maple and Tennessee cherry which is stunning. If you are looking for that special Christmas Present we have it!!!

ca west greene chair

murphys fine woodworking

murphys fine woodworking

murphys fine woodworking

murphys fine woodworking

murphys fine woodworking

As a small independent furniture maker, we can offer a degree of flexibility and attention to detail not commonly found in larger shops. “I thoroughly enjoy and take great pride in my work. Using attention to detail and proven construction.”

I like to think that we build Extraordinary Hand-built Furniture for your Extraordinary Home.  Give us a call to chat about your dreams …

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Very Best,


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