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UltraSuede Bow Arm Morris Chair & Footstool

UltraSuede Bow Arm Morris Chair and Footstool
UltraSuede Bow Arm Morris Chair and Footstool

This chair and footstool has been changed with curly maple and Clario walnut. The back has five adjustments. The Upholstery is Ultra Suede. This chair features quadralinear leg construction. The legs have four Special Sawn Walnut boards mitered and then glued. This construction technique best displays the walnut grain pattern, which seems to wrap around the leg. The arms are stunning with curly maple which is highly figured

Curly Maple & Walnut, includes footstool.

Upgrade to Leather with three color options: Hunter Green; Red/Burgundy; Natural.
Add $350

To Order, Call 760 613-1230 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This piece will be Custom Made for you with your selection of wood and stain
Delivery from date of Order approx 30+ days