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The Mission Table is a pleasure to own. The mortise and tenon joinery will assure that the table will last for generations. With the center leaf in place the table will seat 10 very comfortably. The top is made of solid hardwoods, oak plywood and has inlet wood keys at the joints in a true Stickley style.
Size: 65" long by 42" wide and 30" high.  The Mission Chairís are made with mortise and tenon joinery and will assure you of a chair that will last. Size: 41" high by 18" wide and 18 1/4" deep

Mission Chair: $450.00 Red Oak                      $550.00 Quarter Sawn Red Oak

Mission Dining Table $1600.00 Red Oak       $1900.00 Quarter Sawn Red Oak






This Dining Set was part of a major commission.  The dining table opens to 110" with 3-12" leaves.  The top is inlayed with cherry butterfly keys and will seat 10 in comfort and 12 using the ends. This Table and Chair are shown in Quarter sawn Red Oak and leather from Argentina finished in a satin surface.

7Table  Size: 30" high 48" wide 110" with leaves.  Quarter Sawn Red Oak   $3195.00  In Cherry    $3600.00

Chairs  Size 48 1/2" high 17" deep 17" wide Captain chair $890.00 Side Chair $750.00





This striking design was made to provide a place to display a few nice bottles of wine and wine glasses for people who donít have the space or canít afford a wine cellar. The tapered legs create a nice balance with this design.  The inlayed cherry butterfly keys make a true reflection of the Artís & Crafts style.  The cabinet is assembled with mortise and tenon joints and solid bronze hardware.  Every Cabinet comes with 6 wine glasses and a complimentary bottle of wine.
Size: 37 ĺĒ high 17Ē deep and 42Ē wide.

Mission Wine & Spirit Cabinet :               $1150.00 Red Oak               $1400.00 Quarter-sawn Red Oak




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To complement the dining set we designed the Mission Buffet. There is a great deal of storage behind each of the doors, which has a single glass shelf on each side, which is adjustable. The six drawers have half blind dovetails and the small center door has an oak inlay in the center. This has proven to be one of our more popular designs.  The hardware shown is southwest in style but a selection of both bronze and solid brass Mission style is available
Size: 44 high by 52" wide and 19 1/2" wide.

 Mission Buffet Red Oak $1695.00     Quartersawn Red Oak $1800.00




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 We feel that this sideboard represents our Mission Line at its very best. As with our chairs the legs are designed with the quadralinear post construction. These posts have four quartersawn boards mitered and then glued. This design technique best displays the oakís ray flake that seems to wrap around the leg. Half blind dovetails on the drawers and there are adjustable shelves behind the doors.  Assembled with mortise and tenon joinery and inlayed cherry keys in both the doors and the top.  Our custom hardware, which is solid bronze, highlights the piece.
Size: 39" high by 65" wide and 22" deep.

 Mission Sideboard Quarter sawn Red Oak $2895.00  
Mission Sideboard in Cherry


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